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Improvement Trainings

We have trained doctors, nurses, managers, leaders and researchers from all across the globe in healthcare quality improvement methods. 

Want to plan a quality improvement workshop (in-person or virtual) for your health facility, students or organisation?

Previous Trainings / Workshops

*Not an exhaustive list!

We can help apply QI expertise across all healthcare areas - get in touch to know how we can help your program - be it NCDs, Tuberculosis, Global Surgery, Emergency Care, Intensive Care, injection Safety & more. 

World Health Organization 

Series of virtual workshops for participants from Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania - for WHO & UNICEF - 2020

Conducted sessions and facilitated at several WHO Quality of Care Workshops 

2019 - Ethiopia - 2nd Meeting of the Network for Improving Quality for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

2019 - Senegal - Experience of Care Forum 

2018 - Kenya - Orientation workshop for technical resource persons supporting implementation of Quality of Care Programmes for MNCH

2018 - WHO - SEARO - Inter-country Training of Trainers for Quality Improvement for care of Mothers and Newborns

2018 - WHO - SEARO - Nepal - Capacity Building Workshop for Point of Care Quality Improvement for mothers and newborns 

2017 - WHO SEARO - AIIMS, Delhi - Regional Workshop for Improving Quality of Hospital Care for Maternal and Newborn Health


Hospital & Medical College workshops 

2021 - IIHMR Delhi 

2019 - AIIMS Raipur 

2019 - KMC Mangalore 

2019 -  St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore - Quality improvement in Emergency Medicine

2018 - AIIMS, New Delhi -Simulation based learning for improving ‘Preterm baby care’ using ‘Point of Care Quality Improvement’ approach

2018 - LHMC (with students) 

2018 - AIIMS Emergency Medicine (Nursing Leadership for QoC)

2017 - AIIMS Neonatology (WHO)

2017 - Delhi - LHMC - USAID ASSIST - QI Coaches Training 

2017 - USAID ASSIST - Looking to the Future 


Project based capacity development 

2019 FHI Alive and Thrive - Patna, Bihar 

2019 FHI Alive and Thrive - New Delhi

2018 - Hyderabad - Telangana State Workshop on Quality Improvement (UNICEF) 

Significant work done in Bangladesh with UNICEF to improve MNCH across 15 districts and to institutionalise QI 

USAID ASSIST supported work in India and South East Asia 

WHO SEARO supported virtual learning collaborative with bi-monthly sharing of QI case studies and progress from across the region. 

Let's Work Together

Transform problems into opportunities. 

Customised workshops for participants and organisations from across the world. 

Making quality improvement training accessible for all 

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