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December 2022 - Course Registrations OPEN

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December 2022 - Course Registrations CLOSED

November 2022 - Course Registrations Closed

About the course

This is an intensive course that aims to give a clear understanding of the basics of healthcare quality improvement (QI) and develop a strong foundation in QI for learners


We encourage doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, implementation science researchers, public health professionals, healthcare managers to attend. Students are also welcome to join.

Course Outcome

  • Personalised guidance for your own QI project

  • Eligibility for advanced QI courses

  • Course Certificate

Course content
  1. Quality of care and global health

  2. Setting improvement aims

  3. Working in teams

  4. Understanding systems and processes

  5. Data for improvement

  6. Testing ideas for change

  7. Coaching & systems support for QI

Course Lead: Dr. Sonali Vaid MD MPH

More than a decade of experience in leading quality improvement projects and teaching practical QI skills to health workers across Asia & Africa. Lead author of several WHO guidance documents and training programs on quality of care.

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